About Team Kilimanjaro

About Team Kilimanjaro

Team Kilimanjaro's relationship with Kilimanjaro began in March 2000 when our founder speed-climbed Kilimanjaro on his first expedition to the mountain. TK began offering climbs in June 2004 and by 2019 had assisted their 10,000th trekker to Kilimanjaro's summit.

Our mountain staff are divided into close-knit teams each led by a chief guide who reports daily from the mountain, directly to our Expedition Coordinator. Consistently excellent performance is demanded by the British management who are available night and day to deal with contingencies and to oversee the planning and preparation of all expeditions.

TK’s staffing procedures are entirely unique. Allocation of work to our guides, cooks and porters is strictly on the basis of merit, continued performance and positive feedback from climbers. In this way with all members of Team Kilimanjaro on permanent assessment we aim to guarantee against complacency and waning performance and to create a healthy and competitive ethos in which hard work, reliability and punctuality are rewarded.

John, Founder

John has led various expeditions throughout the world. Complementary to his role with TK he served as a mountain safety consultant to Kilimanjaro National Park and was responsible for determining the cause of the tragic accident of 4th January 2006 which resulted in the Western Breach assault route being closed.

He holds the verified British speed record for Kilimanjaro, has created a completely new route on the north side of Kilimanjaro that ascends the Credner Glacier and traverses the Crater, and has advised the National Parks authorities on environmental impact reduction.

John is currently in training to attempt the world’s first continuous 5,000 metre vertical speed ascent to Kilimanjaro’s summit.

More about John πŸ‘‰

From before his teens John's main interest has always been adventurous expeditions. At the age of 12, he eventually concluded a long campaign to persuade his mother to allow him to cycle the 30km round trip each day to school and back. After school John joined the British Army but wasn't particularly convinced by the merits of Brits killing Serbs, so left by the age of 21 and has committed himself to diverse expeditions ever since.


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