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Founded in 2000, Team Kilimanjaro remains a family-run operation. With a tremendous level of support and dedication from our guides, John & Rebecca Rees-Evans, who established the operation, summitted Kilimanjaro with their children (5, 7 and 9 years at the time) in 2013.

About Team Kilimanjaro

David with his family at Kilimanjaro’s summit. Learn a little about the people that you’ll be working with as you plan and prepare for your climb. But better still, why not get in touch today?


At Team Kilimanjaro we aspire to respond to all new enquiries within 24 hours (excluding weekends), and to existing enquiries within 48 hours. Our coordinators pride themselves on highly customised care.


All our coordinators have climbed Kilimanjaro and know what it takes to prepare and train for a climb. We’re passionate about what we do and can’t wait to talk to a newly enthused fellow trekker.

Problem Solving

We specialise in undertaking challenges that most companies would prefer to avoid. Whatever your needs, whatever the make-up of your group, whatever your aspirations, Team Kilimanjaro wants to help you.

Customer Support

We’re here to help you every step of the way. We take all the stress out of the process for you, so you can concentrate on the important things and enjoy the whole expedition from planning phase through execution.

Why should I climb with Team Kilimanjaro?

While we believe that our operation is conspicuously the best performing outfitter on Kilimanjaro, has the best safety record, attracts the best guides, cooks and porters, and that we use some of the best and most carefully chosen equipment, we nonetheless suspect that you’d prefer to be convinced by other climbers who were once in your position – unsure about whether they should book with us or not – and who went ahead and made the right decision to climb with us. If this is so, please see what our climbers say about Team Kilimanjaro.

David Squire

David Squire

Senior Climb Coordinator

An ex-British Army soldier, David’s service has seen him on active duty in the Falklands, leading various mountaineering and adventurous expeditions worldwide, including to Canada, Kenya, the German and Austrian Alps and the Pyrenees.

Irrepressibly enthusiastic to infect others with his passion for the outdoors, David has a valuable and wide array of experience that includes regular voluntary service with young people, initiating them into the field of adventurous pursuits.

Bianca Angelucci

Bianca Angelucci

Expedition Coordinator

Bianca has spent nearly all of her life in Africa and would barely ever be indoors if she could help it. She is however an extremely diligent and swift organiser and thoroughly enjoys facilitating arrangements for others to do what she herself loves.

Bianca mans our Cape Town office and is a discerning frequenter of some of the world’s best beaches. Bianca also has a wealth of knowledge on Zanzibar and liaises daily with many well placed contacts on the island and so is well placed to advise on where best to spend your post-climb R&R.

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The sole involvement of just one tightly knit organisation from the moment of a climber’s first contact, through their climb, and down to safety again, means that Team Kilimanjaro are able to  respond effortlessly to a wide array of requests to customise hybrid routes specifically to meet a group’s demands. On David’s penultimate expedition on Kilimanjaro he pioneered a rare hybrid variant that incorporated elements of Machame, The Western Breach, and Rongai, while spanning all three support levels, Lite, Advantage and Excel.  Subsequent to that he gained in-depth insights into the needs of families, by summitting via Machame with his wife, daughter and two 15 year old sons.  

We are aware that there is considerable movement towards climbers wanting customised routes that few, if any, have ever repeated. David’s experience and zest to tackle such new and exciting challenges makes him ideally placed to assist with these projects.

Ally Rees-Evans

Ally Rees-Evans

Expedition Coordinator

Born in Africa, Ally is our most recent addition to the coordination team and brings a broad range of experience gained from within the UK and Africa to her role. Ally is a natural motivator and recently led a team of nine climbers on TK Rongai, that included her 15 year old daughter.

Ally’s last expedition followed very recent knee surgery, so she is acutely and freshly aware of the stresses and challenges of injury management in the run up to a Kilimanjaro climb, as well as the demands involved in training and preparing for the mountain while managing the needs of a young family.

‘Team Kilimanjaro’ is a trading name of Exposure Limited, a company registered in Gibraltar with company number 116365.

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