Wet Season?

Some climbers choose their Kilimanjaro dates during the wet season, for the lowest number of climbers on Kili, and the most picturesque, snow-capped summit photos.

Clear Weather

The clearest weather on Kilimanjaro most usually occurs when crowds are at their biggest. However, TK has some unique crowd-avoiding routes if your chosen Kilimanjaro dates are in the busy season.

When to Climb

For those wanting the best photo opportunities, choosing when to climb is an important consideration.

Kilimanjaro Dates

We climb Kilimanjaro every day of the year and can schedule a climb with just 48 hours’ notice for any booking group size. However, many climbers – particularly those travelling solo – prefer to join others who have already booked. It is for this reason that we publish our pre-scheduled Kilimanjaro dates below.

Availability of Our Kilimanjaro Climbs

The following tables show the available number of places on each climb. If there’s no availability on the date or route on which you wish to climb, please just tell us and we’ll schedule a new climb just for you and your group, regardless of how many of you there are. Once this is arranged, you may choose to keep your climb private or open it to others to join. Except in the case of solo climbers, this does not affect the price per person of your climb.

Kilimanjaro Climbs in 2018


To find availability on a preferred date or route, please use this search bar.


For example, to see all climbs in February, just type ‘February’.

ReferenceClimb StartClimb EndRouteAvailability
WIFR20th January 201826th January 20187 Machame6 places available
LIPH26th January 20181st February 20187 TK Lemosho4 places available
HETO26th January 20181st February 20187 TK RongaiPrivate Climb
PEGR27th January 20183rd February 20188 TK Rongai (Excel)6 places available
OUTADV28th January 20183rd February 20187 TK LemoshoPrivate Climb
KEJA2nd February 20188th February 20187 TK LemoshoPrivate Climb
ANMI4th February 201811th February 20188 TK Lemosho2 places available
CLBA5th February 201812th February 20188 TK Lemosho2 places available
SAPA6th February 201812th February 20187 TK Rongai Private Climb
SCWA7th February 201813th February 20187 TK Rongai4 places available
MALE9th February 201814th February 20186 TK RongaiPrivate Climb
STPE9th February 201815th February 20187 TK RongaiPrivate Climb
PACO10th February 201816th February 20187 TK RongaiPrivate Climb
KITA14th February 201820th February 20187 TK Rongai6 places available
CABE17th February 201823rd February 20187 TK RongaiPrivate Climb
AILI19th February 201825th February 20187 TK RongaiPrivate Climb
MAMC22nd February 201828th February 20187 TK RongaiPrivate Climb
MAPI24th February 20182nd March 20187 Machame7 places available
GABL28th February 2018 7th March 20188 TK Rongai (Excel)5 places available
KEMA1st March 20188th March 20188 TK Lemosho7 places available
WESU2nd March 20188th March 20187 TK LemoshoPrivate Climb
PAFU11th March 201817th March 20187 TK LemoshoPrivate Climb
ANLE8th June 201814th June 20187 TK Rongai4 places available
KIGI12th June 201817th June 20186 TK Rongai5 places available
CIQU15th June 201821st June 20187 TK RongaiPrivate Climb
YUKR28th June 20184th July 20187 MachamePrivate Climb
SAST29th June 20186th July 20188 TK LemoshoPrivate Climb
MABE30th June 20185th July 20186 MachamePrivate Climb
JUGO2nd July 20188th July 20187 TK Lemosho2 places available
CLKR2nd July 20189th July 20188 TK Lemosho6 places available
SAIA2nd July 20189th July 20188 TK LemoshoPrivate Climb
CHJE6th July 201812th July 20187 TK Rongai7 places available
BOEL10th July 201817th July 20188 TK LemoshoFully Booked
ANSN11th July 201817th July 20187 TK LemoshoPrivate Climb
LIPR15th July 201822nd July 20188 TK Lemosho6 places available
OWEU18th July 201825th July 20188 TK Lemosho (Excel)2 places available
MABR27th July 20183rd August 20188 TK Lemosho (Excel)6 places available
TICR8th August 201814th August 20187 TK Lemosho6 places available
MAZE15th August 201821st August 20187 TK LemoshoPrivate Climb
RORU25th August 201831st August 20187 TK RongaiPrivate Climb
RISA27th August 20183rd September 20188 TK LemoshoPrivate Climb
MAMI10th September 201816th September 20187 TK Rongai6 places available
SCGA27th September 20183rd October 20187 TK RongaiPrivate Climb
FIWE30th September 20187th October 20188 TK Lemosho7 places available
ANBO14th October 201820th October 20187 TK Lemosho6 places available
CHHU20th October 201826th October 20187 TK Lemosho6 places available
OMEL15th November 201821st November 20187 TK Lemosho7 places available
Do I have to climb on the Kilimanjaro dates shown above?

Absolutely not! We can arrange a climb for you on any day of the year, whatever your group size. Just let us know when you want to climb and we’ll arrange everything.

If the dates above are not convenient for you please propose your own dates and we will arrange a climb specifically to suit you. We are able to organise a climb for you on any day of the year, and there is no minimum group size for this option.

Pre-scheduled Dates for Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru

Once you have secured your climb by paying the non-refundable deposit, we will subsequently publish your chosen dates for others to join, unless you specifically request to comprise your own private party.

While cost is determined by the number of fellow climbers (including yourself) on behalf of which you are booking, and not necessarily the total number of climbers that you will finally climb with (unless your request a private party climb), the only exception to this rule is in the case of single booking climbers, who are encouraged to join a group if possible as we are able to invoice single booking climbers who join pre-scheduled climbs on the basis of a 2-persons booking, regardless of how many other climbers are already booked onto that climb. In such cases they will therefore avoid the relatively high costs associated with a solo climb.

Nothing Suits You? – Choose Your Own Climb Dates

Choosing your own dates does not affect price and is a very usual request. This list is regularly updated so please re-visit this page often if you’re hoping for a specific date to join and do not necessarily wish to open your own climb dates.

As eight climbers is our recommended maximum group size, except by special arrangement, the number of climbers who are already booked onto any of the below climbs is obtained by subtracting the number of places still available, from 8.

When to Fly In & Out

Your inward flight should arrive the day before the date in the left column or earlier, and your outward flight should depart the day after the date in the second column or later. Many climbers will add a safari with us after their climb. Please bear this in mind when planning your flights.  The route number refers to the number of days spent on the mountain and does not include days spent in Arusha.

What does 'Private Climb' mean?

‘Private Climb’ means that a group or an agent has requested a climb that they have asked to remain closed to new, external members. However, if you are planning on climbing on these dates just let us know and we’ll be delighted to build a climb alongside. TK have virtually unlimited staffing and logistical resources and can accommodate any number of climbs on any date on any route.

Kilimanjaro Full Moon Climbs

Many climbers approach us with an interest in climbing Kilimanjaro on dates that will allow them to summit Kilimanjaro on a night when there is a full moon. With this in mind, we have prepared the following table to make it easier to request dates from us that will fit your expectations. The following Kilimanjaro dates all allow climbers to summit on a full moon.

Full Moon Kilimanjaro Dates in 2018


To find availability on a preferred date or route, please use this search bar.


For example, to find all Lemosho climbs, just type ‘Lemosho’.

ReferenceClimb StartClimb EndRouteAvailability
JANLEMONewMoon11th January 201818th January 2018 (17th @ 0517)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
JANRONGNewMoon12th January 201818th January 2018 (17th @ 0517)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
JANMACHNewMoon13th January 201818th January 2018 (17th @ 0517)6 MachameProposed Climb
JANLEMOFullMoon25th January 20181st February 2018 (31st @ 1626)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
JANRONGFullMoon26th January 20181st February 2018 (31st @ 1626)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
JANMACHFullMoon27th January 20181st February 2018 (31st @ 1626)6 MachameProposed Climb
FEBLEMONewMoon10th February 201817th February 2018 (16th @ 0005)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
FEBRONGNewMoon11th February 201817th February 2018 (16th @ 0005)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
FEBMACHNewMoon12th February 201817th February 2018 (16th @ 0005)6 MachameProposed Climb
FEBLEMOFullMoon24th February 20183rd March 2018 (2nd @ 0351)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
FEBRONGFullMoon25th February 20183rd March 2018 (2nd @ 0351)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
FEBMACHFullMoon26th February 20183rd March 2018 (2nd @ 0351)6 MachameProposed Climb
MARLEMONewMoon11th March 201818th March 2018 (17th @ 1611)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
MARRONGNewMoon12th March 201818th March 2018 (17th @ 1611)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
MARMACHNewMoon13th March 201818th March 2018 (17th @ 1611)6 MachameProposed Climb
MARLEMOFullMoon25th March 20181st April 2018 (31st @ 1536)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
MARRONGFullMoon26th March 20181st April 2018 (31st @ 1536)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
MARMACHFullMoon27th March 20181st April 2018 (31st @ 1536)6 MachameProposed Climb
APRLEMONewMoon10th April 201817th April 2018 (16th @ 0457)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
APRRONGNewMoon11th April 201817th April 2018 (16th @ 0457)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
APRMACHNewMoon12th April 201817th April 2018 (16th @ 0457)6 MachameProposed Climb
APRLEMOFullMoon24th April 20181st May 2018 (30th @ 0358)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
APRRONGFullMoon25th April 20181st May 2018 (30th @ 0358)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
APRMACHFullMoon26th April 20181st May 2018 (30th @ 0358)6 MachameProposed Climb
MAYLEMONewMoon9th May 201816th May 2018 (15th @ 1447)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
MAYRONGNewMoon10th May 201816th May 2018 (15th @ 1447)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
MAYMACHNewMoon11th May 201816th May 2018 (15th @ 1447)6 MachameProposed Climb
MAYLEMOFullMoon23rd May 201830th May 2018 (29th @ 1719)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
MAYRONGFullMoon24th May 201830th May 2018 (29th @ 1719)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
MAYMACHFullMoon25th May 201830th May 2018 (29th @ 1719)6 MachameProposed Climb
JUNLEMONewMoon7th June 201814th June 2018 (13th @ 2243)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
JUNRONGNewMoon8th June 201814th June 2018 (13th @ 2243)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
JUNMACHNewMoon9th June 201814th June 2018 (13th @ 2243)6 Machame Proposed Climb
JUNLEMOFullMoon22nd June 201829th June 2018 (28th @ 0753)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
JUNRONGFullMoon23rd June 201829th June 2018 (28th @ 0753)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
JUNMACHFullMoon24th June 201829th June 2018 (28th @ 0753)6 MachameProposed Climb
JULLEMONewMoon7th July 201814th July 2018 (13th @ 0547)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
JULRONGNewMoon8th July 201814th July 2018 (13th @ 0547)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
JULMACHNewMoon9th July 201814th July 2018 (13th @ 0547)6 MachameProposed Climb
JULLEMOFullMoon21st July 201828th July 2018 (27th @ 2320)8 TK Lemosho Proposed Climb
JULRONGFullMoon22nd July 201828th July 2018 (27th @ 2320)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
JULMACHFullMoon23rd July 201828th July 2018 (27th @ 2320)6 MachameProposed Climb
AUGLEMONewMoon5th August 201812th August 2018 (11th @ 1257)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
AUGRONGNewMoon6th August 201812th August 2018 (11th @ 1257)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
AUGMACHNewMoon7th August 201812th August 2018 (11th @ 1257)6 MachameProposed Climb
AUGLEMOFullMoon20th August 201827th August 2018 (26th @ 1456)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
AUGRONGFullMoon21st August 201827th August 2018 (26th @ 1456)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
AUGMACHFullMoon22nd August 201827th August 2018 (26th @ 1456)6 MachameProposed Climb
SEPLEMONewMoon4th September 201811th September 2018 (9th @ 2101)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
SEPRONGNewMoon5th September 201811th September 2018 (9th @ 2101)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
SEPMACHNewMoon6th September 201811th September 2018 (9th @ 2101)6 MachameProposed Climb
SEPLEMOFullMoon19th September 201826th September 2018 (25th @ 0552)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
SEPRONGFullMoon20th September 201826th September 2018 (25th @ 0552)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
SEPMACHFullMoon21st September 201826th September 2018 (25th @ 0552)6 MachameProposed Climb
OCTLEMONewMoon3rd October 201810th October 2018 (9th @ 0646)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
OCTRONGNewMoon4th October 201810th October 2018 (9th @ 0646)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
OCTMACHNewMoon5th October 201810th October 2018 (9th @ 0646)6 MachameProposed Climb
OCTLEMOFullMoon19th October 201826th October 2018 (24th @ 1945)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
OCTRONGFullMoon20th October 201826th October 2018 (24th @ 1945)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
OCTMACHFullMoon21st October 201826th October 2018 (24th @ 1945)6 MachameProposed Climb
NOVLEMONewMoon2nd November 20189th November 2018 (7th @ 1901)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
NOVRONGNewMoon3rd November 20189th November 2018 (7th @ 1901)7 TK Rongai Proposed Climb
NOVMACHNewMoon4th November 20189th November 2018 (7th @ 1901)6 MachameProposed Climb
NOVLEMOFullMoon17th November 201824th November 2018 (23rd @ 0839)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
NOVRONGFullMoon18th November 201824th November 2018 (23rd @ 0839)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
NOVMACHFullMoon19th November 201824th November 2018 (23rd @ 0839)6 MachameProposed Climb
DECLEMONewMoon1st December 20188th December 2018 (7th @ 1020)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
DECRONGNewMoon2nd December 20188th December 2018 (7th @ 1020)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
DECMACHNewMoon3rd December 20188th December 2018 (7th @ 1020)6 MachameProposed Climb
DECLEMOFullMoon16th December 201823rd December 2018 (22nd @ 2048)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
DECRONGFullMoon17th December 201823rd December 2018 (22nd @ 2048)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
DECMACHFullMoon18th December 201823rd December 2018 (22nd @ 2048)6 MachameProposed Climb
JANLEMONewMoon31st December 20187th January 2019 (6th @ 0428)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
JANRONGNewMoon1st January 20197th January 2019 (6th @ 0428)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
JANMACHNewMoon2nd January 20197th January 2019 (6th @ 0428)6 MachameProposed Climb
JANLEMOFullMoon15th January 201922nd January 2019 (21st @ 0816)8 TK LemoshoProposed Climb
JANRONGFullMoon16th January 201922nd January 2019 (21st @ 0816)7 TK RongaiProposed Climb
JANMACHFullMoon17th January 201922nd January 2019 (21st @ 0816)6 MachameProposed Climb
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