The form below is for those thinking of climbing with us. If that’s you, contact Team Kilimanjaro today!

Tracking a Climber

If you want to get up to date location and status information about a friend or relative who is climbing with us, please use our tracking code form.

Contacting TK

To reach our office, use this Team Kilimanjaro navigation link. Alternatively, just give us a call, let us know your location within Arusha and we’ll send a vehicle to come and collect you.


Team Kilimanjaro, TK Excel Road, Arusha, Tanzania


USA +1 510 931 5895

UK +44 207 193 5895

AUS +61 73 102 5895

RSA +27 11 083 5895

Mobile +44 777 123 5895

From within Tanzania:

(24 hour support – but please be persistent)

+255 78 777 5895

+255 76 777 5895

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8am–8pm (UTC)

Saturday: 8am–2pm (UTC)


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