Arusha Day Trips

Day Trips from Arusha

For those arriving into Tanzania from Australia or America, or from any time zones that are several hours ahead or behind, or from anywhere that requires several plane changes, an intelligent strategy is to allow a day or two’s leisure in Arusha prior to your climb. The reasons for this are:

  • Around 1 in 7 people have their luggage delayed. Most delayed luggage arrives 24 hours after it’s supposed to. (Delays are most usually caused by short intervals between connecting flights).
    • Prolonged airline travel tends to dehydrate and tire people. This adversely affects the body's ability to acclimatise. Having a day at leisure allows rehydration and revitalisation.
      • A day getting used to Arusha’s elevation (around 1,450m) and the dry air, helps with adaptation to Kilimanjaro.
        • Those who do not have time to go on safari after their climb often appreciate the opportunity to see a little of the local (non-alpine) environment and culture.

          Other than safaris, there are several day-trip options available to be enjoyed from Arusha. We briefly summarise the seven most popular options below.

          Arusha Town Tour

          This is a popular day trip, requiring only some three hours and little or no transport. Those interested to see the main features of Arusha will begin somewhere around the Clock Tower, on foot, with one of our guides and will usually begin walking northwards in an anti-clockwise direction, taking in such sites at the Natural History Museum, various monuments celebrating independence, the local market, and some craft shops. A town tour typically takes some 2-3 hours and covers around 4 km.

          Tours are completed on foot with one of our guides. The cost is USD 20 per person with climbers buying their own food and drinks along the route, as required. Tips to the guide on this town tour are entirely at the climber's discretion but tend to be around USD 10 per climber for smaller groups, and USD 5 per climber for larger groups. For climbers staying at hotels out of town, an additional vehicle transfer cost is payable.

          Those staying at hotels close to town can either do the whole tour on foot (around 13km of walking), or can enjoy vehicle support (USD 26 per car) to transfer them from place to place along the route. Here's a map of a typical Town Tour route πŸ‘‡

          A nice way to end a town tour is to do a Coffee Plantation Tour at Arusha Coffee Lodge. Their Bean to Cup tour costs USD 35 per person.

          Visiting an Orphanage in Arusha

          Looking to add depth to your Kilimanjaro adventure? Take a morning or afternoon to visit the Furahia Mtoto Foundation orphanage in Arusha. Your visit will not only offer relaxation before your climb but also a chance to bring smiles to children who have faced adversity. Consider donating to support their care and education. Contact us to arrange this memorable experience. Your generosity will create a lasting impact, fostering hope and happiness in the hearts of these resilient children.

          Our airline had a baggage allowance that allowed us to each take an extra duffel bag of supplies… these kids have nothing … they went nuts for soccer balls and learned how to use the pump to inflate them plus art supplies, writing supplies, etc
          Mortimer and Charlotte

          Help with Buying Tanzanite in Arusha

          As Tanzanite is incredibly rare, beautiful, and continues to increase in value, we are often asked for assistance with finding quality stones from trustworthy sellers. For those wanting to buy Tanzanite in Arusha, we are very happy to introduce you to reliable sellers and accompany you during the sale. A Tanzanite purchase can be done on its own free of charge (though we request that you tip your accompanying guide and cover any transport costs if you choose note to walk from your hotel), or it can be combined with an Arusha Town Tour for no additional charge.

          Tanzanite Experience

          Hot Springs

          This is probably the best place to swim. Emanating from within the earth, the geo-thermally warmed water is constantly renewed and is therefore very fresh and clear and clean. It’s a very pleasant place to spend a couple of hours with family, or to relax before or after a climb.

          Hot Springs

          The distance from Arusha to the hot springs is 69 km and the journey normally takes around 1 hour 45, so one should allow 5-6 hours for this excursion.

          No. of participants  Price per person 
          Solo participant $148
          2 participants $104
          3 participants $89
          4 or more participants $82

          Materuni Waterfall

          On this day trip you'll be collected by your driver at around 0730 for transfer to Materuni Village - north of Moshi - to begin your hike to the waterfall at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, where you have the option to swim in the very cold glacial waters!

          After visiting the waterfall, we hike to the local village for a traditional Chagga lunch and then enjoy a coffee plantation tour, before returning to Arusha (or JRO if you're flying home today).

          No. of participants  Price per person 
          Solo participant $295
          2 participants $215
          3 participants $185
          4 or more participants $170

          Lake Duluti

          Two options are possible on this excursion: either one may walk around the lake or canoe across it. Depending on which hotel we start from, the drive is around 15-20 minutes to reach the lake. The walk around the lake covers some 3.5 km, however, we normally have a picnic along the way and may stop regularly if we encounter birds, monkeys or monitor lizards.

          Lake Duluti Day Trip

          Costs for the lakeside walk include the government conservation fee walk. Please note that use of canoes is extra, with hire fees being payable direct to the local government office.

          No. of participants  Price per person 
          Solo participant $120
          2 participants $90
          3 participants $85
          4 or more participants $80


          Maasai Crater

          This is a dramatic topographical feature with steep falls that fall away into a lush green crater. The attraction of this walk is threefold: the exercise, the awesome views, and the opportunity to meet authentic Maasai villagers. If walking around the crater rim, we cover around 4.2 km, however, climbers will often want to descend to the crater floor, which may add another 3 km or thereabouts. Bear in mind that if descending to the crater floor, the return to the rim requires an ascent of 257 metres, which will normally take somewhere between 30-50 minutes and is quite strenuous, dusty and exposed to direct sunlight with virtually no shade.

          Maasai Crater

          The costs include transport, lunch, local entrance fees and a small gift to Moita village.

          No. of participants  Price per person 
          Solo participant $135
          2 participants $90
          3 participants $85
          4 participants $80

          This safari itinerary is recommended throughout the year.