I googled “team Kilimanjaro” the other day, as I do from time to time, to see if there are any new players in the paid advertising space competing against us.

One advert got my attention.

It displayed a number of Kili route packages, each with a price and some text explaining the highlight of each respective route.

One option, the Lemosho route, was touted as having “Excellent Acclimatisation”.

That struck a chord. More like, twanged in my ears, really. Like someone smashing a guitar. Over my head.

Here’s a question…

If lack of acclimatisation could lead to serious health problems or death, shouldn’t all climbs up Kilimanjaro be framed by excellent acclimatisation?

If climbing Kilimanjaro was akin to taking a walk around the block, you’d have nothing to worry about;  I wouldn’t nag you about acclimatisation.

Climbing Kilimanjaro, however, is far more intense than most mountain hikes, never mind a stroll around the block.

You can’t afford NOT to acclimatise. You put your life at risk if you consider it a nice-to-have, as opposed to obligatory.

When you book a Kilimanjaro climb, make sure the company taking you to the top has excellent acclimatisation built into their climbs.

We do.

With more than a decade of successful summits (10,000 and counting), we’ve engineered your route to the top to be enjoyable. But there’s one thing we’re more concerned with than your pleasure, and that’s your safety.

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