Frequently Asked Questions about Climbing Kilimanjaro with Team Kilimanjaro

The following responses are derived from correspondence with prospective climbers where similar issues have been raised on more than one occasion. Please check this list before asking us any of these questions so that we can aim to minimise delays on correspondence. The answers below are generally given in the first person as they are largely drawn directly from email correspondence.

1. Booking your climb with Team Kilimanjaro

1.1 Can I climb during the rainy months of April, May or November?

1.2 I am thinking of booking a safari with Team Kilimanjaro…

1.3 What is Team Kilimanjaro’s refund with regard to cancellations?

2. Pricing of Team Kilimanjaro climbs

fred-achedo-machame2.1 What is included / excluded in the climb cost?

2.2 Why can’t I pay by PayPal when I’m travelling abroad?

2.3 Why are your prices so much lower than most of the other quality climb operators?

2.4 Do your prices include the use of tents and sleeping mats?

2.5 Do your prices include the porters’ wages?

3. Before your climb with Team Kilimanjaro

day-2-machame3.1 If I’m flying to Nairobi, how do I reach Arusha and Team Kilimanjaro?

3.2 Do you have a contract for me to sign when I arrive?

3.3 Do you check client’s items the night before to ensure they are well equipped?

3.4 Am you able to advise where I can hire a good quality down jacket?

3.5 Am I able to leave excess luggage at your hotel before and after the trek?

4. On the Mountain with Team Kilimanjaro

4.1 I’m concerned about the standard of the loos on the climb and needing access to them while trekking…

4.2 What meals do you prepare for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?

4.3 If you have any others in addition to the couple, can I share a tent with another person in the group?

4.4 Why do Team Kilimanjaro use a different 7 day Machame schedule to every other company that runs climbs on Kilimanjaro?

5. Safety on Team Kilimanjaro climbs

5.1 The Royal Geographical Society say you should spend 10 days climbing Kili. Is 6 or 7 days safe?

5.2 I’m concerned about health and safety at high altitude…

5.3 I’m wondering whether to opt for the crater night and crater excursion…

6. Staffing on Team Kilimanjaro climbs

6.1 Do you have your own guide and porters, or will you be putting our group with another company or group?

6.2 Are your guides knowledgeable in the flora and fauna of Kilimanjaro?

6.3 Are your guides knowledgeable in health and safety procedures?

6.4 Are your porters well dressed with appropriate clothing and shoes for the trek to the summit?

6.5 Do you treat your porters well?

6.6 How many guides and porters will you be assigning to a group of 4 climbers?

7. Why should I climb with Team Kilimanjaro?

7.1 What is your summit success rate?

7.2 Why should I book to do the trek with Team Kilimanjaro? 

7.3 Do you have recent feedback from clients who have completed the trek with you?


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