Kilimanjaro Hotels

The standard package-inclusive Kilimanjaro hotels that we use are:


Outpost Lodge Arusha

Climbers should realise that while these hotels are ‘satisfactory’, generally adequately equipped and conveniently situated, visitors regularly comment that the standards of hot water and electricity provision are considerably below what they would expect to find at a European or US hotel in a similar price range. This is largely because the electricity supply in Tanzania is very poor. In order to ensure a good supply of these conveniences it is necessary to upgrade to a luxury hotel, but a mid-range upgrade will usually still be a significant improvement.


Upgrading to a Mid-Range Hotel in Arusha (see rates)
The following are our usual upgrade options for those wanting to stay in one of Arusha’s mid-range hotels:

L’Oasis Lodge


Oasis Lodge Arusha

Nicely situated in its own grounds, but with a 10 minute taxi journey being necessary to reach town. Very good food, but orders should be made in plenty of time, as food preparation standards are exacting here, and necessarily slow.

Impala Hotel

Benefits from a round-the-clock restaurant and bar. Primarily a business person’s hotel, so arguably lacking individuality and character. Reasonably good value for money, however, and worth the upgrade costs. Infrastructure (water, back-up power supplies, and food availability) also benefits from high occupancy rate.

Karama Lodge

Unique character and conveniently situated with reasonable access to town. Occasional complaints of second-rate treatment for climbers and safari-goers not sent from their local partner operation. Many considering Karama will often further upgrade to Arumeru River Lodge.

While these are of a higher quality than our standard hotel options it is still not uncommon to receive similar complaints about hot water at these hotels, particularly the Oasis. The Oasis is nestled away very quietly in its own shaded grounds and usually has excellent food.

Complaints about the Impala tend to concern it’s being very busy and crowded. It is one of Arusha’s largest hotels and is often fully booked. The Impala has a 24 hour restaurant which is very convenient for those arriving on late flights. We have received complaints that Karama’s staff appear to be trained to prioritise guests that have booked a climb or safari with the company that owns this lodge. We have fewest complaints from Oasis, although some guests find that their freshly cooked meals take a long time to prepare and we are sometimes told that they run out of hot water.

Those wanting uninterrupted relaxation before and after their climb, of the highest quality available in or around Arusha should upgrade to one of the following:

Upgrading to an Upper Mid-Range or Luxury Hotel in Arusha or environs (see rates)

Onsea House

Generally the highest order of hospitality available in the area. Early booking recommended. In our experience Onsea and Machweo have consistently maintained conspicuously the most sophisticated and comfortable standards of all hotels in the Arusha area.

The Arusha Hotel

The most conveniently situated luxury hotel in the Arusha Area and believed to be one of East Africa’s oldest buildings. US President Clinton chose to be accommodated here recently.

Arusha Coffee Lodge

This is one of Arusha’s most expensive lodges. Rooms and cuisine are excellent – perhaps second only to Onsea. The venue is very convenient for those beginning a safari, though is less so for those beginning a climb.

Moivaro Lodge

20 minutes out of town along a very poorly maintained dirt road, though in beautiful and quiet surroundings.

Arumeru River Lodge

25 minutes out of town; not a particularly convenient location from which to begin a climb or safari. Guides’ briefings are only possible on the morning of collection, not on the evening prior to the event’s start.

KIA Lodge

5 minutes from JRO airport. Climbers selecting this lodge will not have an evening pre-climb briefing but will meet their guide and be briefed on the morning of the climb. Very convenient for those whose flights arrive late in the evening and who are scheduled to start their climb the following morning.

Pre- and Post-Kilimanjaro Climb Hotel Costs

Costs for upgrading your hotel or requesting additional nights at a standard grade hotel are given here.

Locations of hotels used by Team Kilimanjaro in and around Arusha

Locations of the hotels that we use can be seen by clicking on the links in the left hand pane of our interactive map.

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