How to Pay for Your Climb

Once we have received your booking details we will request a non-refundable booking deposit of USD 150 per person plus the value of any additional or upgraded accommodation that you have requested. This deposit is usually paid by credit or debit card. There is no commission fee required to be paid when paying by credit or debit card. The final balance of payment is payable in US Dollars 45 days prior to the climb, or else in US Dollars, in cash on arrival if preferred. Again, final balances can be paid for by card, or by international wire transfer to our account. Please ask your coordinator for your account details or to create a custom credit or debit card invoice, payable online.

Last Minute Bookings
  • If you have not completed your booking more than 45 days prior to your proposed climb date, please note that you will be required to pay for your climb in cash in US Dollars on arrival. Where a climber pays his or her final balance on arrival, we require that payments should please be made using notes printed in the year 2006 or later, and in denominations of USD 100s and USD 50s only. We are required strictly to observe these provisions due to local banking limitations.
  • Please also note that we are unable to accept travellers’ cheques on arrival. Those wishing to pay by credit card on arrival will ordinarily be able to pay using The Outpost Lodge’s credit or debit card payment facility but will have to pay a card transaction surcharge of 5%, so we would not recommend this payment method. Additionally, from time to time this service is unavailable because of network limitations and limited technical support provided by the Point of Sale issuing bank. We therefore recommend strongly that those wishing to pay by credit card request a payment link in advance of their travel and complete the payment from their own home or place of work.
Securing Your Place on a Climb With a Booking Deposit
  • To facilitate payment of your booking deposit we will email you a link to our secure payment site which will guide you through the payment process. After submitting the information required and confirming the amount you wish to pay you will then be directed to a secure 3D payment site where you will need to enter your Visa or Mastercard details. Visa and Mastercard are the only brands supported by our card payment processor.
  • We would strongly recommend that you telephone your card issuer (using the telephone number provided on the card you are using) to tell them that you will be sending a large payment to an account in a county outside of that to which your card is registered, before using your credit or debit card to send a payment to us, otherwise it is highly likely that your payment will be blocked by your card issuer as a fraud prevention / security measure.
  • Payments from American Express cards and company cards are not able to be processed.
Card Payments Only Possible in Your Home Country
  • Please note that our payment processor’s payment site’s security settings will occasionally automatically disallow use of a credit card that is attempted to be used outside the country where that card is registered, due to algorithms being able to determine the country in which you are currently located through the IP address of the computer that you are using. If you are travelling away from home it might therefore be necessary to request a relative to pay on your behalf, or else for you to effect a wire transfer if your banking facilities allow international payments over the Internet.
Payment of Outstanding / Main Balances
  • We would recommend that you pay your final balance by credit or debit card as we do not charge for card payments.
  • If opting to pay your final balance by wire transfer this is payable no later than 45 days prior to your climb start date and will be invoiced in GB Pounds Sterling. Please request our international bank transfer payment details from your coordinator if you wish to use this method to pay your final balance.
  • When arranging the wire transfer please ensure that you instruct your bank to effect the transfer so as to arrive into our bank account free of bank charges, whether SWIFT charges, correspondent bank charges, conversion fees, or the remittance fee. The prices published on this website and reflected on the costs advice that your coordinator will supply you with, should please be understood to denote the value of funds that we are required to receive in order to complete your expedition arrangements. Wire transfer payments are subject to the transaction and conversion fees that banks apply in order to receive profit from facilitating these transactions. Should a climber’s bank be unable to effect these instructions, any outstanding bank charges incurred will be invoiced for payment in cash on arrival.
  • If a climber has requested gear hire from Team Kilimanjaro this will be invoiced by your climb coordinator in GB Pounds Sterling. Payments or refunds for any changes to your requested kit hire will be payable on arrival in US Dollars or Tanzanian Shillings at the day’s local rate of exchange.
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