How to Pay for Your Climb

Once we have received your booking details we will request a non-refundable booking deposit of USD 150 per person plus the value of any additional or upgraded accommodation that you have requested. This deposit is usually paid by credit card via PayPal. The final balance of payment is payable in US Dollars 30 days prior to the climb, or else in cash in US Dollars on arrival if you would prefer this.

Full contact and payment instructions for use when initiating transfers to our account >>>

Last Minute Bookings

– If you have not completed your booking more than 30 days prior to your proposed climb date, please note that you will be required to pay for your climb in cash in US Dollars on arrival as bank transfers to East Africa can be subject to long delays and bad routings which can take some time to correct.  Where a climber pays his or her final balance on arrival, we require that payments should be made using notes printed in the year 2000 or later, and in denominations of USD 100s and USD 50s only. We are required strictly to observe these provisions due to local banking limitations.

 Please also note that we are unable to accept credit cards and travellers’ cheques on arrival. Those wishing to pay by credit card are required to do so at least 30 days prior to their climb, via a unique Moneybookers (Skrill) or PayPal link that we will email to the climber who is corresponding with us on behalf of the booking group.

Securing Your Place on a Climb With a Booking Deposit

 To facilitate payment of your booking deposit we will email you a link to our secure payment pages on either Moneybookers (Skrill) or PayPal’s websites which will guide you through the payment process. Skrill payments can be transacted in US Dollars and incur a 2.49% plus 31 cents transaction surcharge, and are therefore the recommended method of deposit payment since these costs approximate to around USD 4 per person for the USD 150 deposit (where no additional accommodation is being booked), as opposed to the approximately USD 60 associated with a typical wire transfer. Where Skrill is unavailable due to the climber’s transacting location, PayPal payments are rather less competitive with a 3.9% transaction surcharge for credit and debit cards. Additionally, we are required to invoice PayPal funds requests in Sterling using the day’s commercial dollar-purchasing rate for the conversion.** These two cost factors mean that while we are able to accept PayPal credit card payments for final balances also, we do not recommend this method for larger payments as the climber will effectively pay surcharges equating to around 6.7% of the value of the transaction, or around USD 130 on a 7 day Machame climb (when 2 people book together). This is obviously significantly higher than the USD 60 that one typically pays in bank fees when paying by wire transfer or the USD 54 that one would pay if transacting via Moneybookers (Skrill). Please note that in order to pay more than USD 1,900 within any 60 day period, it is necessary both to be within the country in which your credit card was issued, and also to register and verify your address and identity with Skrill. More information on completing this admittedly very straightforward process (albeit typically requiring 5-10 days to complete) is available here.

Card Payments Only Possible in Your Home Country

 Please note that both Skrill’s and PayPal’s security settings almost always automatically disallow use of a credit card that is attempted to be used outside the country where that card is registered. In both instances, algorithms are able to determine the country in which you are currently located through the IP address of the computer that you are using. If you are travelling away from home it will therefore be necessary to request a relative to pay on your behalf or else for you to effect a wire transfer if your banking facilities allow international payments over the Internet.

Payment of Outstanding / Main Balances

 If opting to pay your final balance by wire transfer this is payable no later than 30 days prior to your climb start date and will be invoiced in either Pounds Sterling or US Dollars. Please request an invoice in your preferred currency. (Due to exchange rate volatility non-US Dollar invoices can only be issued within three working days of the date on which you wish to pay your final balance).

When arranging the wire transfer please ensure that you instruct your bank to effect the transfer so as to arrive into our bank account free of bank charges, whether SWIFT charges, correspondent bank charges, conversion fees, or the remittance fee. The prices published on this website and reflected on the costs advice that your coordinator will supply you with, should please be understood to denote the value of funds that we are required to receive in order to complete your expedition arrangements. Conversely, unless paying in cash on arrival, it should therefore please be understood that the published and advised prices are not necessarily the amount that you will pay, as all methods of funds transfer – whether by wire or credit card – are subject to the transaction and conversion fees that banks apply in order to receive profit from facilitating these transactions. Should a climber’s bank be unable to effect these instructions, any outstanding bank charges incurred will be invoiced for payment in cash on arrival. Such charges include circumstances in which we are required to purchase Dollars at the commercial purchasing rate (1.35% over the day’s averaged mid-market rate as published on, where a climber’s bank are unable to send funds in the requested currency, or where an alternative currency is specifically preferred and instructed by the climber to his or her bank.

 If a climber has requested gear hire from Team Kilimanjaro this is to be paid in cash in US Dollars on arrival, please.

** Note re PayPal: This is because unlike Moneybookers (Skrill), PayPal do not allow offshore multiple currency merchant accounts. Were we to invoice in Dollars via PayPal, in order for TK to gain usable access to these funds (since none of our suppliers are payable via PayPal) we would be required to withdraw the US Dollar amount into one of our UK-based Sterling accounts, and in so do doing would be requesting PayPal to convert the Dollar amount into Sterling. The exchange rate conversion spreads that PayPal charge for such transactions are amongst the highest we know. To cover these high costs we would be required to increase our prices in such a way as to subsidise these inefficient transactions by effectively penalising other climbers who arranged payment via a more efficient transfer means, which we are of course reluctant to do. Again, it should please be noted that values requested via supplied costs advice reflect the amounts that we are required to received, and not necessarily the final total sum that you will transpire to have paid.

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