How to Reduce Your Kilimanjaro Costs

With park fees approaching $900 these days, let alone the rising cost of vehicle transfers, provisions, staffing and equipment renewal, climbing Kilimanjaro as a solo traveler can become preclusively expensive for many people. We’re very sensitive about this and are disappointed when price is an obstacle to climbing with us.

With this in mind, it’s a great advantage if solo climbers or small groups can qualify for the lower prices that we are able to offer to larger groups. If you’re solo or proposing to come as a small group, we therefore invite you to do the following:

  1. Contact us to tell us you’re interest in climbing. This doesn’t commit you but allows us to schedule a climb that others may join.
  2. Post your climb details on our Facebook page. Share the post as widely as possible.
  3. Chase us as often as you like to re-post your proposed climb details together with your contact details*, on the main part of our Facebook page. For some reason the geniuses at Facebook have decided that posts should appear more prominently if we post them ourselves, rather than have you post them.
  4. Remind friends via Facebook and other social media outlets that you’re planning on climbing Kilimanjaro. Your example may inspire others to follow your lead.

*Please note that in order to qualify for these reduced costs, it is necessary for other climbers to contact you to arrange to add their numbers to your group, rather than contact us direct. Prices are structured on the basis of the size of the booking group, not the size of the group that may end up climbing together. The reason for this is twofold: 1) dealing with one person who is communicating with us on the behalf of a larger group reduces our administrative costs, and 2) if someone in the overall climb group changed their plans at the last minute, it would be both disappointing and unreasonable for us to contact all the other climbers in that group and ask them to increase their payments.

A solo climber able to attract two additional climbers to his group, rather than have them approach TK direct, would save $677 on his climb costs, when booking our most popular climb. (And the couple would save $396 between them).

Make Substantial Savings!

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