Impala Hotel, Arusha

The hotel is in a secure location a few kilometres from the town centre, which makes it a little too far for exploring on foot. The service varies between friendly and indifferent, and the grounds are well-shaded with a very nice pool. The hotel is a popular destination for climbers and safari-goers, and the reception staff can get swamped by the arrival of a large group.

Rooms at The Impala Hotel

The rooms are a bit old, but they have showers with lots of hot water, unless a large group comes off the mountain and all take a shower at the same time. The facilities in the rooms can vary considerably; the air conditioning doesn’t work in all rooms, and the replacement fans they supply have timers that switch the fan off after 90 minutes.

The rooms have televisions, but not all are functional.

The Impala Hotel Restaurant

The hotel has several restaurants in it, and the food is widely acclaimed; both Indian and italian food are handled very capably, but the breakfasts are considered a bit mediocre.

Facilities at Impala Hotel

The laundry prices are very high and can take a very long time. Their wi-fi connection occasionally fails, meaning that internet access is only through the hotel’s computers, which incurs an extra charge.

Should you wish to leave anything in the hotel safe, they catalogue the items and place them in sealed and stapled envelopes marked by pen across the seals. This can take a time for a large group. They have a ‘Left Luggage’ service that provides good customer satisfaction.

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