Filming on Kilimanjaro

If shooting a documentary with professional grade photography equipment, you will need to obtain a filming permit.

Filming permits are regrettably, not very straightforward to obtain and applications are often turned down for reasons that are not always understandable to the applicant. To date, however, we are pleased to be able to report that – in spite of one negative official decision which we challenged successfully at the highest levels within Tanzanian government – we are yet to fail in any of our attempts to obtain filming permits for any of our film-making clients. For this reason, we are frequently asked to obtain filming permits and therefore have a dedicated legal team to facilitate permit acquisitions.

The Cost of Obtaining a Filming Permit for Kilimanjaro

There are two fees involved with obtaining a Kilimanjaro filming permit; the cost of the permit – a charge which goes directly to the government; and legal fees and expenses, which are necessary to pay a lawyer, typically to travel multiple times to Dar es Salaam, to liaise with respective embassies, file the application and generate supporting documentation.

In 2015, the current fees are as follows:

  • USD 1,000 per climb group for the film permit
  • USD 975 legal fees per permit application

Climbers should note that it is in principle possible to apply directly to the Ministry of Tourism and to bypass the requirement to pay any legal fees. Several years ago this was fairly common. Within recent years, however, we are not aware of any such direct applications having been successful. If adequate time is available a group may wish to attempt to obtain a permit directly, and if unsuccessful, may thereafter contract us to obtain the permit on their behalf, provided that the ministry’s stated reason for denial is not something that will continue to feature as a factor in the new application through Team Kilimanjaro.

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