The Legal Stuff

By booking a climb with Team Kilimanjaro, while we hope you will thoroughly enjoy the convenience of having to deal with only one small, tight-knit team of thoroughly enthusiastic people who are very eager to please you, nonetheless, because of the way pertinent laws apply differently in each country, a number of different legal entities are involved:

The Principal

Team Kilimanjaro is actually a trading name of Exposure Limited and is directly responsible for oversight of all aspects of the services that you pay for. Exposure is incorporated in Gibraltar with company number 116365, and tax number 681363. There is no VAT in Gibraltar.

TK legal stuff

The Coordinating Agent (Intermediary)

Arien Lifestyle Limited is a limited company incorporated in the UK with company number 11217578, VAT number GB 288975812, and provides intermediary services as the coordinating agent responsible for receiving and relaying information from and on behalf of climbers.

VAT - Since the place of delivery of service (East Africa) that you are purchasing is outside the United Kingdom and the EU member states (see VAT Notice 700, paragraph 22.4.3), no VAT is chargeable on the services purchased, and Arien is required only to charge VAT on their coordinating services billed to the Principal (Exposure Limited).

Appointing Arien as the intermediary means that climbers may benefit from competitive UK banking conditions, and that they may pay for their climb or safari by bank transfer in any of the following currencies, without having to pay any commission or forex costs, and Arien will ensure that the price you pay reflects the live Interbank rates applicable on the day you are invoiced for the payment:

  • Pounds Sterling - GBP
    • United States Dollars - USD
      • Euros - EUR
        • Australian Dollars - AUD
          • Canadian Dollars - CAD
            • South African Rands - ZAR

              Our Suppliers

              When booking a climb with Team Kilimanjaro, we in turn subcontract the services of accommodation and transport providers, licensed mountain guides, cooks, porters and safari guides.

              Our expedition coordinators will commonly refer to our suppliers collectively and Exposure Limited corporately as "we", even though legally they exist as separate and distinct entities with different owners, directors and shareholders.

              Package Holidays

              Arien Lifestyle Limited and Exposure Limited are not travel agents or Air Traffic Organisers, and they do not sell package holidays. Clients of Team Kilimanjaro are required to obtain their own flights.

              Kilimanjaro has been climbed from the park gates to the summit in a little over just 5 hours, and yet the Royal Geographical Society suggests that trekkers should not spend less than 10 days reaching the summit? So, how long does it usually take and what is safe?

              While we've assisted people in their 70s, a 5 year old, amputees, and quadriplegics to the summit, and while in theory, pretty much everyone could climb Kilimanjaro, nonetheless, many people have told us that climbing Kilimajaro is the hardest thing they've ever done in their lives - and some of these people have been professional athletes (rugby players).