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02 leonard-solomon-lite-seriesOur climbers will already know that in many respects our organisation and procedures are unique from all other Kilimanjaro tour operators. When booking a climb with Team Kilimanjaro climbers are choosing to bypass agents and middlemen, enabling both the climbers, and our coordinators alike, to ensure that all information relating to the climbing group’s needs, preferences and special aspirations, is received and retained by the very people who will be responsible for you when you’re on the mountain.

Friends and Family Can Follow Loves Ones

Since the structure of our climb operation minimises breaks in communication we are able to provide more information, updates, and feedback to the families and friends of those climbing with us than might otherwise be expected when booking through an agent. As a part of this enhanced service we aim to make available the daily situation reports (SitReps) that we receive  from our mountain guides, as and when we ourselves receive them.

How to Find Your Friends’ Climb Reports

kivesi-selectionThe primary objective of this blog is therefore to make our mountain guides’ SitReps available to the friends and families of our climbers, enabling them to follow their progress up the mountain. Groups are referred to by referencing the first two letters of the first name and surname of the the person who was responsible for corresponding with us on the behalf of the rest of the climbing group, during the planning phase of the climb. For example, if John Doe and his five friends climb with us, his group will be known as JODO x 6. We therefore recommend that climbers inform their families and friends of the name of their principal correspondent before flying out to Kilimanjaro.

Contributing to the Kilimanjaro Climbers’ Blog

Traditionally, when a friend or relative flew out to climb Kilimanjaro, they effectively disappeared off the radar, with loved ones at home not knowing how they were getting on. We find, however, that our climbers are very keen to stay in touch with the people back home and draw great morale from just a few words of encouragement. With this in mind we therefore invite anyone who has an interest in any of our climbers to please contribute with encouraging comments and messages of support.

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