Kilimanjaro Map

We are often asked for advice on how climbers may obtain a good quality Kilimanjaro map to take with them on their climb. Until 2007 we were unable to advise, however, in February 2007, Team Kilimanjaro were contacted by Sandra Greulich of the Swiss Office of Topography (creators of the Brad Washburn National Geographic Map of Mount Everest) and Sacha Wettstein (IFMGA) who requested our help in assisting them in their mission of creating a new accurate Kilimanjaro map that would far surpass anything that was on the market at the time.

Sacha and Sandra joined Team Kilimanjaro on what was then our brand new TK Rongai Route to complete their ground surveys and final GPS data capture for what we believe continues to be without doubt the best topographical map of Kilimanjaro available.

  • To view samples of this beautiful map click here.
  • Those wishing to purchase this map can do so here:

Climbers not wanting to carry a map with them on Kilimanjaro but wishing to familiarise themselves with the locations of Kilimanjaro camps, Arusha hotels, safari venues, Zanzibar, airports, TKBase, and places of interest in the Kilimanjaro region are invited to view our interactive GoogleMap.

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