Paying for Your Kilimanjaro Climb by Credit Card

For information on how to pay for your Kilimanjaro climb by credit card, please visit our dedicated payments website:

Paying for Kilimanjaro by credit card >>>

If you encounter problems paying by credit card using a customised TransActPro credit card invoice that your coordinator prepares for you, the alternative card payment method that we offer is paying via Skrill. The following information covers everything we believe you need to know, but again, we strongly advise liaising both your coordinator and your bank to attempt to pay using our dedicated payments site before  reading this page.

Before going any further, why can I not simply pay TK over the phone with a credit card?

On the basis of systems currently available and with respect to applicable legislation, were we to accept customer-not-present credit card payments we would be required to register ourselves as travel agents, air travel organisers, or similar. This would require us to be bonded and to register for VAT, which would increase all our prices by 20%. Since we are ground operators and not travel agents, and are an IBC not incorporated within the European Union, providing services outside the country in which we are incorporated, we have no VAT obligations, provided we do not accept bonding – which would of course require us both to register a company in the same country in which we held a merchant’s account, and to withdraw funds over the VAT threshold from that account into a bank account within the same country.

Conversely, by not withdrawing funds over the VAT threshold within the same country as that in which we are incorporated, from a merchant’s account into a bank account, we are not required to register for VAT and are therefore able to offer quality of service at least comparable to that of an hypothetical operation of equal standard that chooses to register as a travel agent and accept ATOL bonding, and whose prices are on average USD 500 per person higher than ours.

Factors limiting the success of attempted online credit card payments

Rather than our accepting a bond and charging VAT, our merchant account providers require that we maintain a rolling security reserve with them of 100% of all payments processed for a period of a month. While this allows them to offer the level of security characteristically associated with credit card payments, they are nonetheless required to observe strict protocols governing online payments. These protocols are enforced via algorithms that automatically restrict payments based on a number of factors including location (as determined by the payment terminal’s / computer’s IP address), method of Internet connection, patterns of previous recorded spending, and level of verification of the information submitted to the payment processors. Generally speaking, the following are the considerations that generally affect payment attempts:

  • There is a limit of approximately USD 1,900 that may be transacted within any 60 day period without having to register.
  • Payment attempts that are initiated from a computer whose IP address does not match the IP address range that is associated with the country from which the credit card was issued, will usually be rejected, although, occasionally small value payments will be accepted unless the IP address is associated with a country with a high recorded incidence of online fraud
  • Climbers who have registered with Skrill and completed address and identity verification will usually have their transaction limit raised to around USD 10,500
The recommended payment process if wanting to pay all costs by credit card

With respect to these considerations, we therefore suggest the following payment process from beginning to end of the booking process:

1. To secure your climb you would please pay a deposit of USD 150 plus the value of any upgraded or additional accommodation that you have requested either before or after your climb, on safari, or on Zanzibar. Provided that the value of this deposit is around USD 1,900 or under, and that you are booking from within the country from which your credit card was issued, there is no need to register with Skrill prior to completing this deposit payment. Once you are ready to pay this deposit you would simply request your coordinator to send you a personalised payment link. (Please note that where you are booking a luxury safari in addition to your climb, it is possible that the value of the deposit may be higher than USD 1,900, in which case you will need to register with Skrill and complete address and identity verification prior to paying this deposit).

2. Once you have completed your deposit payment, please register with Skrill by visiting the following link and clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button:

Register a new Moneybookers (Skrill) account >>>

3. Once you have completed the simple registration process, please login to your account (using the same link) then go to ‘My account’. Beside the word ‘Address’ select ‘Verify’. Using this link will instruct Skrill to send a letter to you in the post. Skrill sends every working day, so at worst, they can be expected to despatch the letter the next working day after requesting verification. In our experience the letter usually takes 4 or 5 days to arrive, but can take as long as 10. If it has not arrived within 10 days, we recommend that you call them on the following number and request that they re-send since your country’s postal system has probably lost the letter:

To call Skrill to request another verification letter, please dial +44 870 383 0232.

(Lines operate Monday to Sunday 0900 – 1800 UK time).

4. Once you have received the verification letter, please login to your account, go to ‘My Account’ and beside ‘Address’ click ‘Verify’. This will allow you to input the security code that is contained in the letter that has been sent to your address. You are now address-verified. This is the first of a two part process necessary to increase your spending limit with Skrill to approximately USD 10,500. The second process is much faster.

5. Finally, while logged in, in the ‘My Account’ section, on the ‘Credit Card’ line please select ‘Add’ and input your credit card details. Once you have inputted all your credit card details, please select ‘Verify’. Skrill will then use this information to debit an amount of around two dollars, but will not advise you at the time exactly how much they will debit. Assuming that you have online access to your credit card account (or, if you don’t, you’ll probably need to call your card issuer and ask them to tell you about recent transactions), please login to your credit card account, find the amount that has been debited, for example USD 1.17 or GBP 1.06, etc, and input this value into the form that appears once you again sign into your account and select the ‘Verify’ option on the ‘Credit Card’ line.

Assuming you input this amount correctly, you will by now have proven your address and ownership of your credit card account, and are now fully address and identity-verified with Skrill.

6. Once you’re ready to pay your final balance (please ensure that this is no later than 30 days prior to your climb start date), please request a personalised online Skrill payment link. Your coordinator will email this to you and, again, provided you follow the link from within the country in which your credit card was issued, there ought to be no problem transacting the full outstanding amount (to a maximum of USD 10,500).

If you’ve arrived at this point in error and would prefer to pay by wire transfer instead, please click here >>>

We fully concede that this process appears relatively convoluted and less straightforward than giving out a credit card number over the phone, but would remind climbers that the associated cost of the simplicity of the latter is a 20% VAT surcharge (approximately USD 500 per person per climb) for the reasons discussed here. We would also add that as complicated as we may have succeeded in making this process sound, the reality is that although one needs to allow 10 days in hand prior to the cut-off for payment being required, nonetheless, the processes required only involve:

 opening a letter

 inputting a code

 checking your credit card statement online

 inputting a second code

… which ought not to take more than a few minutes.

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