The Cheapest Way to Climb Kilimanjaro

To assist solo climbers and small groups who are happy to climb with others they have not yet met, in reducing their group’s per person climb costs we used to operate a forum on which we invited prospective Team Kilimanjaro climbers to publish their proposed dates and preferred climbing routes for others to join. For historic reasons, this forum is still available below.

However, please note that as Facebook has grown in popularity, that has become a simpler and more accessible medium for the vast majority of our climbers. We nowadays therefore invite climbers to publish their climb (or safari) on our Facebook page and to invite others to join their booking.

Please note that as per our usual booking procedures, we request that a single representative of the overall composite group should correspond with us on behalf of all the other members of the group. This will allow us to invoice each climber via the principal, on the basis of a larger booking group which in some cases will significantly reduce per person climb costs, particularly where one or two climbers succeed in augmenting their booking size to four or five climbers.

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