4 Day Safari – Linda Teo Group (ae) – Deposit Payment for Jaya and Narayanan



Safari Tours Tanzania 4 day semi-luxury safari (with charter flights and balloon flights): 1st – 4th July 2019

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Deposit payment for Jaya and Narayanan (part of Linda Teo x 15 group)  | Invoice Reference: TK10LEM/XL/4SAF LINTEO21JUN19



Nothern Circuit Tanzanian Safari

The traditional objective of safari tours is game viewing, and while we are certainly seeing a clear increase in the number of visitors who want to get out of their vehicles and have some direct and active interaction with their environment and the indigenous culture, still, the majority on safari probably expect wildlife viewing to constitute the main element of their trip. With such a goal in mind, Tanzania is probably second to none throughout the world, with a reliable population of lions throughout the Serengeti, and very accessibly, in the Ngorongoro Crater; relatively vast numbers of elephant in Tarangire, which – especially in the dry season when they are attracted to the main waterways – are much easier to find than in most other wildlife areas; and, in short, one of the densest and most accessible populations of large animals to be found anywhere on earth.


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