Berghaus Mens Freeflow 35 Litre Rucksack


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When you climb Kilimanjaro on our Advantage or Excel Series, you will carry as little weight as possible. The main reason for this is that you’ll acclimatise better and faster if your respiratory rate is as low as possible – which is why your guide will introduce you to the ‘Pole, pole‘ pace within 10 minutes of entering Kilimanjaro National Park.

We’re very reluctant to recommend large day sacks to be carried by our climbers on Kilimanjaro, because there seems always to be a psychological phenomenon at work in the realm of luggage containers, whereby whatever capacity of bag one carries, one tends to invent justifications to carry as many (unnecessary) items as the bag, coincidentally, has the capacity to contain.

Since we want you to travel light, enjoy the climb as much as possible, keep your centre of gravity as close to the centre of your pelvis, and ensure that the orientation of your head and neck is as close to upright as possible, so that you can see Kilimanjaro’s beauty, have your face seen easily by our guides and their assistants, and have your trachea as straight as possible to facilitate the important process of bringing oxygen into your body, we would say the following:

This day sack is truly an excellent option provided you make a deal with yourself not to fill it to more than 70% capacity at all times, except when you are descending from Uhuru Peak to Barafu or Kibo Huts.

The main advantage of having a more-capacious-than-usually-necessary day sack is that on summit night / morning you’ll begin with lots of clothing on, but after you summit and the sun rises and starts to warm you, the temperature will rise from an effective minus 10 Centigrade (in the darkness, with wind chill) to an apparent 20 degrees Centigrade (in the sunlight, as you start to drop below the ridge line). As the temperature begins to rise, we want you to have plenty of additional capacity in your day sack so that as it gets warmer you can start peeling off layers without the unwanted mental stress of knowing you’re going to have to wrestle with your pack while you negotiate each addition to its contents.