Overboard Waterproof Duffel Bag 130 Litres


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If your pre-expedition Kilimanjaro training has consisted of cardiovascular exercises primarily, such as running, cycling and swimming and you do not intend to use weight when training in the hills to simulate the fatigue of high altitude, then you don’t really need a large capacity rucksack.

For those who don’t strictly need a rucksack – since most of your weight will be carried by your porter on Kilimanjaro – a holdall is actually much more convenient to access gear easily while on the mountain, because the zip opens the full length of the bag and you don’t need to remove items placed near the top of the bag to each the items underneath.

How a holdall is sometimes better than a rucksack

This particular model of holdall is excellent for a number of reasons. The design is sleek and resilient and intelligent. It incorporates a roll down closure, which is far more reliable than a zip at keeping the water out, and is also less likely to break when things become brittle with the cold of high altitude. The large capacity (around 50% greater volume than the largest rucksacks) is extremely convenient for putting away very bulky items such as sleeping bag and summit jacket.


  • 100% waterproof holdall with Fold Seal System – Roll-neck fully waterproof duffel bag, floating safely if dropped in water.
  • Waterproof front zip pocket – For secure storage.
  • Quick release loop – For a quick access to the main compartment.
  • High frequency welded seams – Providing perfect protection from dust, sand, dirt and water.
  • Internal PVC tarpaulin – bonded to an outer nylon cotton shell providing secure, heavy duty, and durable materials for rough usage.