10 TK Lemosho XL Climb & 4 Day Safari – Linda Teo Group (ae) – Deposit Payment for Joy and Simon



Excel Series climb along Team Kilimanjaro’s unique 10 day TK Lemosho Route: 21st – 30th June 2019, followed by a 4 day semi-luxury safari (with charter flights and balloon flights) 

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Deposit payment for Joy and Simon (part of Linda Teo x 15 group)  | Invoice Reference: TK10LEM/XL/4SAF LINTEO21JUN19

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The TK Lemosho Route has been conceived to offer some of the best possible acclimatisation opportunities on the mountain, with the longest period spent at 4,000 metres prior to assault, of all routes on Kilimanjaro. TK Lemosho is by far the least crowded route on the mountain and offers the most authentic wilderness experience.

The first two days on the TK Lemosho Route pass through the area of forest with the densest wildlife population of all routes, and the approach to Moir Hut provides vistas of Kibo’s west flank and the Western Breach, that are not seen on any other route.

In contrast to the standard Lemosho Route which invariably encounters crowding at high camp and requires groups to be sensitive to the movements of the many other parties expected to launch their summit bid from Barafu, the TK Lemosho Route approaches the crater rim from the quietest and least-used high camp on the mountain, School Huts. By the time it intersects the Marangu Route at Hans Meyer Caves, parties that began their assault from Kibo Huts, are already well-spaced and virtually no crowding is ever experienced. Of additional significant advantage, in contrast with the ascent from Kibo Huts, the TK Lemosho assault by-passes the loose scree switchbacks which are known to enervate even the strongest trekkers and deplete their much-needed reserves for the final push to the summit.

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