Berghaus Freeflow 40 Hiking Backpack One Size Silver Filigree Carbon



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The Freeflow 40 Rucksack from Berghaus is a multi-purpose sack, so whether you’re heading to the hills for the day or getting away for the weekend this outdoor has got you prepared. BIOFIT technology offers a precision fit, allowing an adjustable back length to suit the individual wearer. Berghaus’ signature Freeflow backsystem keeps you cool and comfortable where you need it most.


  • BIOFIT system
  • Vented shoulder straps
  • Height adjustable harness
  • Freeflow V fresh air technology
  • Waterproof raincover
  • 40 L storage capacity
  • Zippered pockets

Dimensions (approx.):

  • 69cm (H) x 31cm(W) x 31cm (D)

Weight (approx.):

  • 1.60kg
Team Kilimanjaro even more reluctant to recommend this 40 litre large day sack to be carried by our climbers on Kilimanjaro, because you’ll tend to justify cramming in far more than you really need to have with you each day, which will confuse our porters as they’ll wonder why you’re kindly doing their work for them. 40 litres is great however, if you want to carry your own summit jacket and you own one of the bulkier types.
This day sack is a really nice option provided you aim never to fill it to more than 60% capacity at all times, except when you are descending from Kilimanjaro’s summit.