Wonderful experience… Professional and supportive approach experienced from all guides and we felt entirely safe and trusting of their decisions… It is also amazing what good quality food the chef manages to produce! All the porters and support staff are always keen to help. I would thoroughly recommend this team.


7 Day TK Rongai Route, June, 2015

Get the Best Acclimatisation on Our Unique Routes

While we are able to offer treks on all routes every day of the year if requested to do so, we are not really content with the lack of exploitable topography on most of the routes, and would urge those serious about summiting, to consider our own unique routes that we have customised to afford our clients the greatest possible likelihood of summiting, and of doing so comfortably, and with access to the best views and natural features. Please express your preferences with respect to what – in addition to optimal acclimatisation – you wish to factor into your route selection, and one of our coordinators will be delighted to make a personal recommendation for you.

What Our Climbers Say About Team Kilimanjaro

Team Kilimanjaro’s last 68 climbers to leave us feedback have rated us as follows:

  • Professionalism 99% 99%
  • Value for Money 97% 97%
  • Communication 97% 97%
  • Attention to Detail 98% 98%
  • Flexibility 98% 98%

Should You Climb with Team Kilimanjaro?

Our climbers are generally busy and discerning people who we suspect appreciate our getting straight to the point. So, we’ll do so.

Readers with no previous personal experience of the Tanzanian tourism industry will be aware that there are many Kilimanjaro operators all purporting to offer pretty much the same thing: guided ascents of Kilimanjaro.

Statistically speaking, you’ve probably arrived at our site because you’ve heard from a friend or colleague that has climbed with us that based on their observations on the mountain we are likely the best Kilimanjaro operator in Tanzania, but really, you’re keen to determine this for yourself. And if your friend climbed with us a while ago, you’re probably wanting to know whether we’re the kind of company that sits on our laurels, or that strives every day to be better than we were yesterday.

Either way, we hope it’s safe to assume that what you really want to know – since we by no means offer the cheapest climbs on Kilimanjaro, is: what’s Team Kilimanjaro’s competitive advantage? What are our areas of excellence and superiority? Or, put frankly, what is TK’s unique selling proposition?

Team Kilimanjaro’s Competitive Advantage

In a word, TK’s unique selling proposition is this: we believe sincerely and wholeheartedly that the extent of our passion for and engagement with the mountain, coupled with our team’s proven depth and breadth of experience and expertise in determining the best route variants and ascent strategies for climbers of all ages and levels of physical fitness; together with our inexorable desire to please and satisfy all our climbers to an extent that we always hope exceeds their expectations, mean that when booking a climb with Team Kilimanjaro you may rest assured, confident that you are maximising your prospects for safe and enjoyable summiting, while enjoying courteous, respectful and friendly treatment from a superb team of self-disciplined, motivated, caring, grateful staff who truly love their work and who can’t wait to serve you. And we believe that any research you undertake will consistently bear witness to the accuracy of this claim.

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